计费 & 支付

我们的学生客户代表, 位于商务办公室, 这里有关于学生账户和付款方式的问题吗. Students are encouraged to regularly check their account in CashNet through myMountMercy.

计费 & 付款计划

帐单大约在学期开始前一个月按学期完成, 不是整个学年.

The deadline to withdraw from a block course and not be charged is the week prior to the start of the course.

  • 8月2日: 秋季学期账单已完成,报表可通过网上 CashNet.

  • 9月10日:秋季学期全额付款 or first payment installment due for all students choosing the monthly payment plan option (payment installments are due 9月10日, 10月10日, 11月10日, 12月10日).

  • 块程序付款应在块开始的当天到期. Fall包括1、12、13、2、23和3块.

  • 12月13日: Winter semester (J-Term) billing is complete and statements are available online through CashNet.

  • Winter semester tuition for three credit hours is included in the full-time tuition rate for students who are enrolled full-time in both fall and spring semesters. Students must be enrolled and billed as a full-time Mount Mercy student in both semesters. 学生仍需支付任何与课程相关的费用,如实验室费用. (*这不适用于加速课程或博彩平台的学生.)

  • Students enrolled in a winter semester (J-Term) course that are not full-time in both the fall and spring will be billed at the part-time tuition rate.

  • Students taking more than three credit hours will be responsible for the cost of the additional credit hours.

  • 块程序付款应在块开始的当天到期. 冬季学期(J-Term)包括第四部分.

  • 12月13日: 春季学期账单已完成,报表可通过网上 CashNet.

  • 2月10日: Full payment due for spring semester or first payment installment due for all students choosing the monthly payment plan option (payment installments are due February 10, 3月10日, 4月10日, 5月10日).

  • 块程序付款应在块开始的当天到期. Spring包括block 5、56、57、6、67和7.

  • 5月23日: 夏季学期账单已完成,报表将通过网上提供 CashNet.

  • 夏季付款在课程开始当天到期. 夏季学期包括第一节和第二节,以及第8、89和9节.

  • 夏季期间不提供付款计划.


控件上有以下操作 CashNet 网站:

  • 查看当前余额
  • 付款(包括国际付款)
  • 查看报表
  • 设置和编辑授权用户(付款人)邀请
  • 建立付款计划
  • 注册eRefunds(直接存入)
*国际学生也可以使用 Flywire 付款.

学生可以设立另一个个人(如.e. (父母或监护人)在他们的账户上付款或查看他们的余额. 该个人被视为CashNet的“授权用户”.


  1. 登录 myMountMercy/自助服务门户.
  2. 单击“财务”选项卡.
  3. 点击 CashNet link.
  4. 进入CashNet网站后,在菜单下点击“我的账户”.
  5. 在“付费用户”下点击“发送付费用户邀请”.
  6. A screen will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen for the student to enter the new authorized user’s information (first and last name and email address). 默认设置是授权用户可以访问语句. 如果不需要此访问权限,请取消选中该框.
  7. 点击“发送邀请”.
  8. The new authorized user will receive an email with information on how to set up an account and can make a payment on the student’s behalf.
  9. 学生的个人资料可以通过点击来访问   在学生名字前面.


如果授权用户需要重置密码,学生必须执行重置. 这所学校 不能 重置密码. 编辑或重置已授权用户的步骤:

  1. 登录 myMountMercy/自助服务门户.
  2. 单击“财务”选项卡.
  3. 点击 CashNet link.
  4. 进入CashNet网站后,在菜单下点击“我的账户”.
  5. Under “Payers” click on the pencil icon on the authorized user who needs to have the password resent. 右侧会弹出一个显示付款人信息的屏幕.
    • The student can “Resend payer invitation” which will reset the payer’s PIN and resend an email to the payer.
    • 学生亦可“取消支付人”.
    • The student can edit the payer’s access by removing/granting access to the student's statements.
  6. 选择“保存”.


Mount Mercy提供每月付款计划 CashNet 每学期分期付款四次. 注册费用是每学期75美元. 没有晚 将允许注册.



学生可以通过 myMountMercy. 一旦学生登录,报表可以通过财务选项卡找到 CashNet.

*报表只显示发布时的余额. CashNet是一个“实时”的网站,有最新的余额.

授权用户要查看报表,必须先获取 CashNet 来自学生的访问. See the ‘Authorized User’ section under ‘支付信息’ for how to set up an authorized user.


Title IV credits are defined as a credit created when the federal funds received exceed the allowable charges for a particular period. Allowable charges include tuition, mandatory fees, and University 食物 和住房 charges. 对于那些获得第四章学分的学生, refunds are issued within 14 days of creation with no action required by the student or family. 这些学分只用于直接收取学费, 活动费用, 食物, 和住房, 除非学生指定.


If the student has more financial aid or other payments than the charges on the account, the student will have a credit on their student account and is eligible to receive a refund for the credit. When looking at a student account, a credit balance will have a “-” in front of the amount. The Student Account Representatives (位于商务办公室) issue refunds weekly when the office is open. Students must enroll in e-Refund (direct deposit) through CashNet to authorize an ACH deposit. If a student is not enrolled in e-Refund then the student will receive a physical check. 例外情况必须由学生账户代表解决.


A student’s final bill will be determined on the last day to add classes for each semester. This is generally 7 days after the beginning of the semester and is referred to as the final bill date. 在最终账单日期之前, 学生可自行调整课程表,而无须缴付加/退费. Students who drop classes after the final bill date will not be eligible for a tuition refund unless they withdraw from the University. Students who withdraw from the University after the final bill date may be eligible for a refund. The refund will be calculated on a pro rata basis according to the University’s tuition refund schedule. 这个时间表遵循联邦财政援助指导方针. Please contact the Student Account Representatives (位于商务办公室) for more information regarding tuition refund amounts.

Refunds not covered above require a petition form to be filed with the Provost’s Office within 30 days of the end of the term. 学生退款政策可在此找到 在这里.


The Student Account Representatives (位于商务办公室) may place a hold on a student account if the account is past due. A hold on a student account prevents the student from registering for future classes.



在学期结束时有未偿余额的学生, 是否可获发财务解雇通知书. The student will be unable to register for future courses until the past due amount is paid in full and the re-admittance process is successfully completed.


所有学生都需要电子签名(e-sign) 财务责任协议(FRA). 这是在通过Slate注册之前完成的要求.

The Financial Responsibility Agreement is a disclosure agreement between the student and Mount Mercy大学 that states the student agrees to pay all charges that result from registration and services received from the University. Students will be asked to acknowledge that they understand that their responsible to pay all charges associated with attendance and w在这里 applicable, 大学的住宿费. 协议还解释了以下内容:

  • 财政援助如何用于支付学生余额.
  • 不及时付款的后果.
  • 关于欠大学的未偿余额的沟通.
  • Form 1098-T requirements related to social security number or taxpayer identification number.
  • 表格1098-T的电子分发.

Students only need to sign the agreement once as long as continuous enrollment is maintained within the same program of the University. 如果学生改变课程(i.e. 本科学位到研究生学位),新项目需要新的FRA.